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The LAUNCH Chicago

We believe dance is one of the greatest expressions of the human spirit. We were drawn to it from our earliest days and the joy it brought us and those that experienced it with us. Along the way, we discovered that the dance instruction culture, which can at times be uplifting, is more often decimating to the soul. The passion of many great dancers is lost because of this environment.


We asked ourselves whether we could create a professional dance company that creates a passion for dance that burns greater, while instructing individuals to be their absolute best. The answer of course is a resounding yes. Great companies do this every day, and The LAUNCH Chicago will be on the forefront of creating a culture that values each individual at their highest potential and brings the expertise to technically create the best in each person, and as an organization.



The mission of The LAUNCH Chicago is to have a positive space where artists feel valued & empowered to embrace their full potential through contemporary jazz movement.



The LAUNCH Chicago aspires to push the limits of the current dance culture; encouraging artists to use their individuality to grow their technical and artistic abilities. We aim to lay the groundwork to shape and inspire local studios, professional dance companies, and the future arts community.


The LAUNCH believes in valuing our artists, both physically & emotionally, in an encouraging and supportive environment, as we believe this is the key to creating quality work and an environment for dancers to thrive. 


In addition, we believe in making professional dance accessible to everyone, especially to dance studios within our Chicagoland community. We believe in local studios' power and influence and desire to walk alongside them. The LAUNCH aspires to assist in cultivating passion & growth and inspiring future dancers through workshops, performances, & scholarships.

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